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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How thoughtful you are has been a long time..long enough for so many live event to happen..hehe
Tergerak hati nak menulis tentang tajuk diatas.

Because lately i met a very thoughtful person.seriously orang yang sangat perihatin..perihatin yer bukan busybody.

We went for a lunch in a group. I ordered one meal with a desert and he bought a muffin and the other person had the same meal as i am.

But then suddenly i realized the he went somewhere and come back again with a pair of fork and spoon.the first thought cross my mind was,he need that for his muffin.then i told everybody else,  "opps!i forgot to take fork for him".but then it turn out that he is not using them,instead he lay it near my tray.then just continue finishing my main dish.

Then when im started to eat my desert with the spoon and fork i had used during my main dish, he said "use the one i took". Sangat terharu dimasa itu..huhu

How many of you think that you are so thoughtful and caring to others. In this case i'm not even somebody to him but his thoughtful mind really move me. (For your info we dont and will not have any serious relationship)

Sometimes,we try to live a life with just us in our mind.we never include the surrounding that actually give a lot of influence in our life. How far we can go we our ignorance attitude.

We will not lose anything by giving,we actually received back lots more.
Even a small movement could make people happy.Even a single step could save others. Lets be a thoughtful person;-)