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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

syamil love thomas

i would like to share with all of u my son favourite toys or can i say tooks me a lots of RM or EURO to get his collections..and it will be increase sooner or later..
i think im the one who have to be blame of for introducing him these toys but i do like those tiny trains too:)..

besides these train syamil also likes bobs the builder, ruppert, barney and firemen sam..every month or i think twice a month i have to get him one of these magazines and he was forcing me to read for him which i can't because everything was written in german..but recently i realized that my german language ability power up perasan)..and i can understand some of the story..

i think syamil loves germany because in malaysia when he went to the kinder he have to study all day and it make him sick and boring..but here he only have to play and learn language by mixing around with deutcher...what a wonderful place..

im sure after 6month in kinder he will be able to catch up the language because he also got my language "ability"..hehhehe..when im home, he always teach me a new word he knows in the kinder..i hope one day im able to speak with him in deutch..


aswj said...

ooo dah sombong ye lecturer utm sorang ni...pegi jerman terus lupa kawan...dr mazlan rindu kat ko tu

fika79 said...

mana ada sombong wei...
by the way saper kah ini???