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Thursday, November 18, 2010

stress= ice cream

i realized one thing these days..
i'm eating tooooooo much ice cream..
i don't know what's going on me, but i'm craving for ice cream almost everyday..
i'm not feeling easy when i can't have a bite of it in a day..
it simply give me sort of relaxing mind..
how do u feel having ice cream on winter???
actually its really feel gud..try it out!!u'll satisfied.
but the most important, its help me dump all my stress out!
the more stress i get, the more i feel like having ice cream..

how's that???WEIRD HAH???

1 comment:

Diana said...

hahaha...aku rasa mmg slalu buat masa kat nihon, tambahan kami kat tohoku mmg fuyu pjg...rasanya takde beza kot, sbb mkn dlm rumah/kedai yg panas...kalau kat luar tgh blizzard tu tabun chotto okashinaaa...hahahahah