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Friday, April 8, 2011

Anakin had becoming Darth Vader

This is my little sweet Anakin Skywalker..

He changed into Darth Vader yesterday..with red eyes of course!

Put the blame to Binderhautentzündung(konjunktivitis).But he still aktiv the way he usually doing and everybody said to him, he is so cool with the sunglasses on(Mama ask him to wear that all along our way to clinic so that he will not transfer it to other people.But all makcik2 here said, ooh its not necessary for kids to do that.)

PS: Feel a little bit tired with life lately..


DeLancrettLurpak said...

apa yg weird tu weh?

nak dpt ilham phd.. tu pasal ko rasa pelik, heheheh

Nashays said...

haih..ngintai saper gamaknya anak bujang sorang nie...ekekeke

fika79 said...

Lurpak: weird?..cop2!aku tulis tired kot kan..hehe

Nashays: hehe..ngintai mak dia berak kot..kui2