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Monday, May 16, 2011

what life promise u?
what life makes u?
what life turn u to?
everything depends..
all was unexpected..

yes, we did the planning,
but who have the final say?

some were lucky enough to have what they dream for,
some did feel unlucky for not having their wish,
and some were very lucky for their dreams not being fulfilled,
its all because only God know the best.

Look back at your previous life and you will smile,
because u will realize that everything happen for a reason,
everything planned for you is the best,
accepting even hard, is just an art for success!

P.S: Chill guys, and live your life.Maybe today is not your time yet but who knows tomorrow???:-)


@reLoG said...

Hemm..entry akak sgt related to me..yesterday, today n tomorrow..hoho..

What life promise me?
What life makes me?
When is my day?

Only Allah S.W.T know the best..Amin..

iEtaFAkyR@ said...

kan! n am having the same feeling too... fikir byk2 sgt pun kita hanya merancang, ketentuan tetap dariNya. :D

hazlynda kushairi said...

im feeling the same thing too babe. Allah knows the best for us.