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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

El Conquistador Hotel


Sunset from the ocean view room

I  had a booking at Garden view room but when we arrived and checked in, they upgrade our room to the ocean view room. The view from our room was amazing especially during sunset and sunrise.

The Marina from the upper block

The room was so clean, and prepared with all the basic toiletries. Coffee and Tea are prepared for free but we have to pay 3.50 USD for a small bottle of mineral water.The room was spacious and enough to accommodate a family of 3. The discounted price was 165 USD per night.

Overall the service was good. They response to my complain efficiently.All staff were helpful and friendly.

Since the breakfast was included in the hotel (Bed and breakfast), so we took our breakfast everyday.This is one way of saving.:-). The breakfast was prepared by La Brisas cafe. I gave 4/5 stars for the breakfast. Although they only served American breakfast here, but the varieties of breads, desserts and fruits was great.

Variety of breads

I enjoyed the fruits very much since we were served with tropical fruits.(Nampak sangat rindu Malaysia).In spite of the breakfast, I have ordered a dinner during the first night. I had Salmon and baked potato and also Chocolate Cake as dessert. The food was excellent even the price is a bit high.But I enjoyed my food so much and for me it worth the money.

Tropical fruits


Water boat

1) Swimming Pool
I never had chance to swim, but from my observation this facility was very good. The swimming pool is open 24 hours everyday. And I didn't saw any restriction regarding the swimming attire. Even somebody going in with Tshirt. So no discrimination :-) 

2) Private Island
One of the souvenior shop at the island

This was the most beautiful places in this hotel. Palomino Island have a very beautiful beach. We can enjoy relaxing on the beach, or doing activities like Kayaking, Snorkeling, jet skiing and many more. From this island we can take a boat to Polaminino Island. A small island that been used as an ending scene in the Pirates of the Carrebean film(I didnt remember which one).Actually this island is owned by one of the richest person of Puerto Rico and rented to the hotel. 

Polamino island-breathtaking view

3) Private Parking
The hotel offer a private parking with fee. I think it was 15USD pernight for hotel guest. I didn't used this parking as I have complementary parking from the Enterprise company(I rent a car from Enterprise).

4) Car Rental
Enterprise offer in house car rental with free parking. The service was very good and the person in charge was very helpful. I paid 245 USD include CDW insurance and other fees for 3days. It is advisable to rent car since the hotel is quite isolated.And they doesn't have public transport other than taxi.The taxi price usually fix for each destination and its quite pricey.

5) Airport shuttle 

The airport shuttle was provided for those coming from Luiz Munoz Marin International Airport. But this service is not free. It cost 74USD per return trip.However this price is really cheap compared to taxi service. Usually taxi will charge 110USD per one trip.

6) Others,
There are a lots of restaurant and small convenient stores inside the hotel. But all things are expensive compared to other stores outside the hotel. If you have car, you can drive to nearest Plaza Fajardo (10 minutes from the hotel) to buy some groceries.

My favorite picture-the way
Cable car down to the Marina

Since this hotel is a resort, and every payment will be charged to the room bill, therefore we need to pay extra 150 deposit per night additional to the room rate during the check in.And we were never expect such of this since in Europe, normally the hotel did not take any deposit.Shocking!
One more thing that bother us is the tips. We don't know how much should we tips. Even for buffet breakfast, we have to pay tips for the person who serve us water and tea.Just imagine that you have to spent at least 20-25 USD per day just for tips.Pheww!

For overall review of this hotel, I give 4/5 stars because I enjoyed my stay.

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