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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Favorite place

I love these kind of places.It just make me feel calm and relax.i know!i know! Everybody call me ulat buku. even at school, many friends told me that i can open a book store after graduating.LOL. Not exactly dude.

But I just love to be here.Looking at the books make me wonder,why are people so intelligent and I'm not so one of them.Ooh I'm complaining.Phew.I am lazy,full stop.

This library is full with information.You can know that Leonardo Da Vinci is not only good at art but also engineering.Envy!He write something about mechanics and optics.And he wrote it with the handwriting that I don't understand but looks like jawi (because he wrote it from right to left).Maybe he is one of the arab scholar..Who knows.

Enjoy the 'pujuk diri' trip.

P.s:How to become a philosopher coz I need to be one!

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