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Monday, December 5, 2011

it is not all about the RESULTS

doing Phd in Germany make me realized something.
Phd is not only concerning the results.
yeah, u might need some "NEW" things in your results,
but what they care a lots are, what have you done so far to get the results.

Asian and European have a different way of doing the job.
As I've finished my UG in Japan before, I'm get used with the thought of RESULTS matter.
If my result is zero, my work hard will also equal to zero.
If i obtained good result then I will saved.
But here, results doesn't matter.
The requirements here are mostly depends on the question, "did u really mastered all the thing that u have done?"
Every single thing count.
Finally, the product will be an expert of the knowledge.
And that was really2 hard for me.
I'm still adapting to the situation, since I'm not good at explaining things.
Bila nak jawab soalan "why" tu, even aku tahu, aku kecut..erh betul ker..sometimes benda senang as Reynolds number aku boleh lupa..Damn me!

My SV asked me to finish the first draft by end of January.
And the final draft should be submit by early June so that I can have Viva in August.I need to sacrifice Hari Raya but I don't care as long as I can get a long Raya holiday after finish.
So I got many to dateline to catch up.Thesis and also Conference paper.
And some small review for my journal.
Seriously, I need to concentrate more.
And I will have the written exam somewhere at the end of February which is I still not finish reviewing..Goshh!

However in spite of those hectic and frustrating matter, I'm still be greatful because I already came to the final stage=WRITING.And now I need to recall back my basics knowledge and pin in inside my mind.Hope I will survive both exams and Viva.

PS: Always praying for the best!


Hanis MY said...

Ganbatte sis! Of course u can do it. Rasanya dlm phd mana2 pun it gets more detailed. In my lab tiap kali jumpa sensei dia akan tny every single thing from the basic on how I obtained the data. Is it really reliable... fitting graph pun dia tny mcm mn and why is always his fav questions. Kdg dia tny soalan basic mcm what is cosine theta? What is force? Kalau weekly seminar lg la ramai yg tny. Tp bgsla jugak makes us study n look back to what we have learned dn juga learned something yg tk pernh blaja sblm ni... Sori terpanjang plak komen hu...

fika79 said...

ha..kan, kadang akak ni gugup, terus tak tahu jawab, pastu diorang rasa akka tak tahu..aduish, rasa cam nak nangis pulak..tapi tula, bila tulis ok gak..sbb tu SV akak suruh akak tulis as detail as possible..

miSs inTerpReted said...

you can do it nat!!!! lets finish this thing and balik malaysia. :)

p.s: sorry, lambat bagitau yg x jd pi visit you for xmas hols!