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Sunday, December 5, 2010


lately I'm realized that my eyes look so tired..
And I don know why I feel like to fixing it everytime I looked at a mirror.
I keep asking around how could I make my eyes look more cheerful, or at least look energetic.
And one of my friend told me, its only a matter of enough sleep or maybe applying some cream to it will help.
(Gila kan, kunun nak mata cantik menawan la nih..haha..poyo!)
This morning I viewed some of friends who doing their Phd's same as me, and I found that their eyes are exactly like mine..especially those with kids..
And it's comfort me a bit(Ingat mata aku sudah tidak berseri lagi..)
Yup, I guess I'm too stressed and tired with my daily routine.
That's why it's appeared on my eyes..
Eventhough, I still trying to buy some eyes cream or eye care product for it..haha..(its 30th syndrome ok!!)
Hope it will works on me!

PS: mata syamil cantekkk..jeles hoccay!

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