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Monday, May 24, 2010

New Pet

Introducing my new sleeping partner: Pet(syamil give the name)
Actually, I bought this for Syamil but since he got the Chelsea mascott(he name it Syumul),
then he decided to present it to me.
So now I got a new tedy for me, but I still need a big one I guess(Aiyo, since when I've became so childdish nih, but I do like tedy anyhow).
Maybe you can give me one later Encik??haha:-),tak malu hoccay..
Syamil was so eager with these two tedys. He even want to bring them when we went out. And when I'm saying that I'm not bring Pet along, he just said that " pity, mummy, Pet will crying because he's lonely".So funny!And he always make me pampered Pet like a baby.Huhu..

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