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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Syamil-he's my ever best friend

sometimes syamil act as my friend and i'm really impressed for what he told me or advice me and definitely being grateful about it!

Story one

one day he had this conversation with me when I'm saying that I felt a bit lonlely these days..
Syamil: Mama, when will u get married?
Mama: Ermm..thats really tough to answer beside I dun know whether Encik likes me or not.
Syamil: He surely likes u mommy.
Mama: Emm..I don't know la dear..
Syamil: How about u ask him first?
Mama:What? What do u mean?
Syamil:ala, just telling him that you want to marry him.
Mama: That will not work that way honey.. Girl cannot ask man to get married and I'm too shy to do that. Beside I still don't know whether he love me or not.
Syamil: Ok, what about when we get back to Malaysia, then u go see him then tell him that you love him and want to marry him...
Mama:Ooh no, no,no..
Syamil: Its ok mommy, if u shy after u tell him, then just quickly coming back to tokmak house..

LOL...I'm really impressed with his advice and makes me smiling all the day. since when my son can understand me so well and giving such an advice to me. He's only 5 yet he is so matured to really understand his mother feeling. And I'm so "sebak" too..

Story two

That day I'm feel a little bit sad and I'm mummbling alone when doing my laundry. Suddenly he came near me without me notice and ask me,
Syamil: Mama, are you ok?(with a strange looking towards my face)
Mama: Yes, why?
Syamil: Then, whom are u talking to?
Mama: *sengih* hehe..Im just talking to myself..nothing matter
Syamil: Mama, if you have something, u can tell me then..
Mama: Terdiam..Ermm I will..and Im just smiling..
(maybe he think, ooh my mummy is sick kot..haha)

My dearest son always be my best friend. He knows how I'm fell, he knows who I love, he knows how to make me happy and I'm so greatful to have hin as my son..Love you dear!!!


@rE-LonG said...

Sangat bijak..tahniah akak ada ank mcm tu..yup dia matang walau kecil lagi sb pgajaran kehidupan, pgalaman yg diberi buatkan dia lebih matang dan bdikari n leh bfkir mcm org dewasa..

love syamil to ;)
Tabahkan hati ye kak ;)

sumpit said...

sweetnya...very sharp n observant, he is...

Nadia said...

he's such adorable kid! :)