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Saturday, August 21, 2010

am I angry??

I just dont know whether I'm mad on u or not, but frankly speaking I just dun like if u do the things like that. When u say something, u should be responsible for what u'd said. Dun just forget it!!!
Please tell person in advance if u cannot make it and don't make people wait for nothing!!!
Frankly speaking I'm not in a mood to talk.. Yupps, I'm trying hard to be such of understanding person and take things the other way round but sometimes things have limit hoccay!! And I think u're just not concern enough..:-(

PS: I'm angry but I dun know why I'm so cool..maybe because its all about u..huhuh..sabar jerla..takper, esok memang tanak msg..kita tgk saper nak pujuk saper...:-P

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