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Monday, August 23, 2010

SeMoga Roh Faiz dicucuri Rahmat

hari ni aku didatangi satu berita yg amat menyentuh perasaan aku..kalau korang masih ingat, aku ada buat entry pasal one of my junior yg went through a surgery to remove his cancer kan..(sila baca sini), and today 23rd August 2008, setelah lebih kurang 8bulan bertarung dengan penyakitnya, akhirnya Faiz dijemput Ilahi..Aku bersyukur sbb minggu lepas aku sempat jugak melawat dia di HUKM. But I'm stll shocking receiving this news pagi tadi. I dun know what to do or to say.Im just saying Innalillah and read Al-fatihah. And i text Encik, telling him(because he knows well that Im so sad about my junior disease).
When Encik text me asking if Im ok this evening, Im just feel that something is missing in me, I dont realy know what is it. And when I'm reading Nawal blog about Goodbye, I just can't pretend that I'm ok anymore. And finally I do crying a lots. Although he is only my junior, but the relationship is just different when u r living in other country. Because we holding to each other, and we do care because only those friends are available for us. And I did saw him from he has a healthy life, then he felt sick but still happy and finally when he laying in the hospital used oxygen to breath. And its really hit my memory somehow.
I know, this is the best for him. I know Allah knows better for him.And I hope his soul will always get the blessing from Allah. Bcause, knowing him, i'm just know that he is really a gud person.helpful and caring for his friends. He never say no when someone asking for help.
To all my friends, please sedekahkan AL-FATIHAH untuk roh MOHAMAD FAIZ BIN TAUFIK.Semoga rohnya sentiasa ditempatkan dikalangan org yg beriman.Amin..

Seing him passed away at age 25, I'm really feel that we can never predicted what will happen in our life. In one moment, we are in a gud condition and maybe in the next moment everything will go the other way round. What we can do is just praying that Allah give the best thing for us and praying for HIS blessing. As for us that still having our life, do appreciate person u have in life, and convey ur love no matter what the results is. Because one day, we will realize that we do the right things and there are no more regrets left for us..

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myatiqah said...

al-fatihah...pergi dalam bulan puasa..smoga roh arwah ditempatkan dikalangan org yg beriman