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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An art From Syamil

Kindergarden in Germany have a different learning system compared to Malaysia.And they teach more on learning skill rather than tu push kids to learn ABC or 123.And I like the system so much..
So everyday, tons of GOMI or rubish that I need to bring home..But out of that, there were few arts drawn by Syamil that caught my heart.And I think inspite of gud at numbers he also has some skill in drawing..Hehe..I'm OYABAKA ok..
So here his pieces of art..

this is a picture of him and noah given by noah

i like this a aeroplane..gud work i guess:-)

this is not drawn by him but this image was drawn based on his actual body figure..

actually there were a lots more..he also made some for me..and i make one of it as a book are creative and as parents we have to develop their skill and we have to support them..
although i'm very much busy with my work, I'm proud to say that i spend a lots time with my child-->learning and playing with him..even sometimes all of these make me really tired but i still love to do it!this is my most precious jewel in this world..thanks to all of you out there, do luv urs too..

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