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Saturday, September 25, 2010

and the journey begin-Nawal

Friday evening was a very special day to my blogger friend Nawal and his partner Firdaus..Its the day where her journey of wife begin.And I would like to congratulate her for her lovely wedding and wish that she always be happy in life..Gud luck for a new day!!
with sumpit..muka dah minyak2 dah

the cuties bloggers

bunga telur for us!

the bunga..


thezaila said...

akhir nya.. jumpa jugak blog kamoo..
jangan sengan, kami x makan org.. muhahah..
kalau bleh stay.. me la ke kenduri.. nnt email alamat ek..
nnt bila i pergi Jerman sana nun, bleh la u tunjuk2 kan tempat kt sana =).

Cik Belle said...

=)) hye there!

fika79 said...

zaila; mari2datang..nt i show u!!eheh

cik belle: hye sweetie...:-)