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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

be happy

why should we be happy??
a lots lots of reasons!
because we are alive..because we have a place to stay, something to eat, cloth to wear, peaceful day to enjoy and ect..ect..
so inspite of many things that make us gloomy all day, what about think about a lots of thinggy that can make us happy and greatful..
now, i really don't care of what had happend, since i realized that the things we have is not permanently "us" as one day it will vanished or being apart from us.As one of a friend told me in our latest conversation , "itulah lumrah alam, takde yg kekal" but the important thing is "LIFE MUST GO ON".
so thats it..i decided to enjoy the other things I have right now such as a lots of wonderful friends, my lovely son, and my fortunate life.and when I think about all this it will definitely make me smile..
ok guys, whatever happen in life face it with smile and enjoy the other things u have in life..CHEERS!!!:-)
ps: thanx DD for the lovely entry about ice cream...

some people even cannot enjoy this beautiful scenery..and don't u think we are lucky enough???

1 comment:

Diana said...

thumbs up nat!and thanx 2 u 2 for this entry :) aku pun kadang2 lalai and leka, lupa bersyukur dgn apa yg ada...again, thanx beb