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Saturday, July 24, 2010

mama cantik????

uuh..berbulu baca tajuk tuh..hahaha..

semalam ari aku malas masak, so aku ngan syamil pun try to discover the restaurant around our apartment..usually, when we want to eat outside, we will go to town because it's easier and there are a lots of choice..but this time, because im super lazy plus the weather are not so gud, so we trying our luck to the nearest italian restaurant.

on the way to get there, syamil spot a very lovely cat(i guess it belong to somebody because the cat has chain(ye ker???or rantai ) on his syamil was very2 excited to saw the cat. because it's really difficult to see cats around our neighbourhood or may i say german..

when he start chasing the cat, the cat run away from him(maybe scared kot, that he might do something!), but then, the cat turn back, maybe because it wants to go back to his owner that time, i was about 20meter back from syamil, so when the cat turn around, and suddenly it come to my leg and start doing miaw2 and nak manja2..euch!!..i dont like cat actually..(i was a cat lover but there was a tragedy makes me didn't pampered cats anymore..huhu)..

so i told syamil, "u see amil, the cat just like me" and then syamil said "MAMA, THE CATS LIKE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE PRETTY!!" wakakaka...LOL..(childrens never lie)..hehe..

he keep saying that till we reach at the restaurant..i think its very funny but when i look back at what he said, i just son always trying to please me and saying something gud about me..maybe he just don' want me to be sad..and i'm soooo much grateful to have him..



Diana said...

syamil is saying the truth nat!hihihi...all moms r pretty to their kids, nisa pun siap gaduh dgn my MIL mempertahankan that I'm pretty (kandou sungguh aku) coz well, u know my MIL doesn't think so *grin*
aku slalu kandou bila baca citer ko ngan syamil coz he's such a gentleman...aku book dia utk Nisa bleh ker????

fika79 said...