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Friday, July 2, 2010

my work

I got a discussion earlier with my SV, so he gave me some advice what should I do..
He very much satiyfied with my works, but it seems that I'm still blur with the next step. And he also told me that I'm doing too much things in one time, thats why I'm always look stressed:-)..maybe his right.
So dia bg guide to focus in one tiny thing first, then after got the right ratio or relationship I can proceed to another one. I give him my plan, and he's really like it and ask me to keep what I'm doing but not to rushing on it.Man-man, kata org..hehe..
Rasa happy sangat bila dapat few gud words from SV. yela, sometimes kita blur bila berhadapan dgn problem etc. And make us down. Tapi SV ada cakap kat aku, suruh make a proper documentation..haha..memang, aku ni suka kelam kabut buat benda, nanti lupa apa aku dah buat and lupa apa aku belum buat. Kadang benda tu aku dah buat tapi aku tak make a log, then lupe..ngeeee*ketuk kepala aku!!
And today I'm quite happy after receiving email from him. Although the first time it takes time to clear my mind thinking what he want to tell me. As always, I like to take things from negative side first but after I cool myself, I do appreciate those things he wrote and do thanx him for a thoughtful advice and thanx Encik for sharing such a nice story with me..From now on I will try to enjoy the every moment in my life positively:-), We can make world a better place then:)

this was me a few hours before

and this is me now:) luv Allah

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