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Friday, December 25, 2009

DecisION maKIng part

Do we realize that in our life we are always facing the same situation which required us to make a decision. Either the decision is positive or negative, it still have pro and kons on it..
But the most important is to stick to that decision and prepared for the following consequences. If we patience enough, we will get the best.
As a woman, I'm always influenced by my emotional part when come to this. Ama said that I don't have enough patience. Always want thing to settle things as fast as I can. And sometimes that make the -ve impact on my decision..:)
But after 30years of living, now I'm starting to walk slow and thinking thoroughly before doing something. Maybe adrenaline has decrease kot..
And the most important thing, I realize that whatever I wish for, whatever I do, I have to leave it to Allah in the end(after done the effort) because everything in this tiny little world belongs to HIM and HE knows the best for me..may me become insan yang more beriman dan bertawakkal serta tabah dalam menghadapi cabarn hidup..

PS: to my buddy ET- SELAMAT BERTUNANG DEAR..I always pray for your happiness..bila nak lepak nih?..

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